IPSW Downloads

Download (IPSW) iOS Firmware

iOS Updater offers direct ipsw downloads from Apple to all versions of iOS firmware for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple TV. Firmware is simply an ipsw file that contains the iOS operating system. Before updating an iOS ipsw make sure to backup your device and have the latest iTunes version installed on your computer. If your device is jailbroken you may want to refrain from updating until an appropriate jailbreak is available.

Depending on your internet speed, server load and selected ipsw file size, downloads may take some time to complete. Additionally, some browsers may change the .ipsw file extension to .zip when the download completes. This can be fixed by renaming it to end with .ipsw, which will not affect the file contents.

To update with the newly downloaded ipsw file, connect the device to your computer and select it in iTunes. While holding down the Option key on a Mac click Update. On a Windows computer while holding down the Shift key click Update. In either case select the downloaded ipsw file and click Choose, your device will now begin to restore.


Downloads for IPSW files are provided courtesy of Apple Inc.

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